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Female Prisoner Sigma (2006)

Year : 2006 Director : Sasuke Sasuga Running Time : 80 min Genre : , , , ,
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Upon the discovery of the truth about her baby sister’s death, Ryo Kanzaki commits a crime in order to be sent to a female prison to take her vengeance. But the prison is firmly under the control of its director, Shibayama, and all prisoners are forced to become his slaves. Ryo keeps her innocence while enduring much torture, readying herself to confront Shibayama to take her vengeance.

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Genre: Thriller, Pinku
Japanese Title: Joshu Siguma
English Title: Female Prisoner, Sigma
Director: Sasuke Sasuga
Cast: Shoko Hamada / Nao Eguchi / Momo Hanzawa
[2006 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 80 minutes]

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