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Ghost is All Around 11.12.13 (2016)

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3 Scary stories Occurred during Songkran. (IMDb) 11 12 13 Rak Kan Ja Tai (11 12 13 รักกันจะตาย a.k.a. Ghost Is All Around) – Horror anthologies. The Thai film industry has a thing for horror anthologies. Saravuth Wichiansarn (Ghost Game) directs this one, which is released by the M-Thirtynine studio. It has the same type stories as other Thai horror anthologies – one about a guy haunted by the spirit of his suicidal girlfriend and another about goofball pals haunted by a friend who is dead but doesn’t know it. A third story follows a woman who is in for terror in her travels with her gay chum. Heartthrob “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot is among the stars. Rated 18+

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Info: Ghost is All Around 11.12.13 (2016)
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Director: Sarawut Wichiensarn
Actors: Mek Mekwattana, Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich, Ramita Mahapreukpong, Sukollawat Kanaros

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