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[Korea] Red Vacance Black Wedding 2 (2013)

Year : 2013 Director : Choi Wee-an Running Time : Genre : , , , ,
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The obsession hasn’t ended yet, tragedy is created and endless passion has begun. Hong-chae has never been in a relationship before and she’s tired of the man who has been coming into her flower shop everyday for the past 2 years. She’s scared of Jeom-dong who shows obsession and one day tells him that she’s got a fiance so to stop coming through her co-worker Hae-wook. Jeom-dong stabs her and runs away. A year later, Hong-chae was living a normal life, without a thought about Jeom-dong when she meets him again. This time, he approaches her through her childish mother, Seon-ae, as her boyfriend. He starts showing crazy love towards them, desperate and violent…

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Release date in South Korea : 28-11-2013
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Moon Ji-yeong-I, Kim Jae-rok, Yu Ann
Directed by Choi Wee-an

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