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The Frog Kingdom 2: Sub-Zero Mission (2016)

Year : 2016 Director : Running Time : Genre : , , , ,
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Since the last war snake frog, frog country has returned to live in peace and prosperity. However, the days of peace did not last long, strange events frog kingdom come again. A written disaster is about to befall the frog kingdom leaflets scattered around the country frog, legends about “Crystal frog” being spread in the community. Crystal frog, protect the country artifact, disaster disaster is approaching, what kind of frog kingdom will face the fate of the frog and the Warriors can resolve Advent frog crisis in the country it? At the same time, fleeing forced marriages of raindrops (Sun Nan dubbing) re-encounter with the Princess, the relationship between the two men became very tense. Before frog country disaster coming, they can resolve each other’s inner barriers, hand against the catastrophe.

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Release Date: February 19, 2016 (China)
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Adventure
Stars: Sūn Nán, Shí Bān Yú, Jiāng Guī Jǐn, Mǎi Bǎo Yáo

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