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The Girl Shaman (2016)

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Long Po, not only the power of communication yin and yang, more deterrent ghost of the can. 19-year-old girl in Sydney in order to die in a car accident boyfriend evocation, and the grandmother reached the soul of the exchange of the “yin and yang contract”, but the process was out of the accident. Sydney turned into half of the girls half of the grandmother of the girl dragon Po, walk in between yin and yang! When the yang strong or young girls, but when the night shrouded, Sydney’s appearance will gradually fade, as the 90-year-old woman! At the same time, Sydney began to see other people can not see the terrible things around the ghost!A seaside abandoned homes have been a long time, near the fishermen as the ominous are reluctant to close until the wise boss Susu will buy it, will be transformed into a nostalgic themed holiday homes. In the seaside view of the “Beach Girl” reality show crew is here as the residence of the actor, but this ancient house seems to hide hidden secrets: Pregnant wife Susu often hear the abdomen fetal terror Of the crying, the middle of the night will suddenly sound of the phonograph, one after another missing girl starring … …Helpless Susu secretly got the dragon with the magic power of Sydney to help exorcism, after careful observation of Sydney will be locked in the hospital in a pomegranate tree, when she picked the pomegranate open, which actually burst blood, a grain of grain Pomegranate seeds also become a human tooth!What exactly is buried under the tree? Isolated house and by whom curse? Girl Dragon Po and can use their own half of the psychic magic to find out the truth …?

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Title: The Girl Shaman
Original Title: The Dragon Boys / 少女龙婆
Release Date: October 30, 2016 (China)
Starring: Shaoyin Yin, Guo Yi Xin, Li Yujie, Li Manjun, Sun Hongyin, Andy Chi-On, Janice Man
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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