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Wall Lover (2009)

Year : 2009 Director : Running Time : Genre : , , , ,
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Maiko is a housewife who does not satisfied with the sex life with her old husband, Shusaku. One day Maiko’s student Kaito and his wife, Ayano, move to her neighbor. While Maiko teaches her new neighbor Kaito cooking, they both discover their mates unsatisfactory.

Kaito’s wife Ayana wants to know some wise old man through mating website. She found Mr Dolittle and set up to meet him. When she saw her neighbor Shusaku at the meeting site, she left. She contacted Mr Dolittle that night and set up to meet him again…

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2009
Genre: Drama, Pinku
Cast: Kaito, Ayano, Maiko, Shusaku

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